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In the late twentieth century, the Secret Security Force was formed to stop the actions of the communist terrorist group known as the Red May. Angel, a beautiful, yet cold woman, has recently joined the small anti-terrorist group. But her first mission will be a true test of skill, for members of the Red May are being found dead, murdered by gruesome methods. Who is causing these murders? And why?
An elite anti-terrorist agent battles terrorists threatening Japan, but a mysterious third player is involved in their own way.
This DVD is well worth your time only if you are a serious anime fan. This is not mindless violence and the overall character development throughout the series is solid. I must admit it&#39;s one of my favorites right up there with Berserk.<br/><br/>Angel is a female cop fighting terrorist with an unknown enemy behind the scenes called &quot;Hunters&quot;<br/><br/>Keywords: Hard Boiled Cop, Gun-Play, Female Gun-Play, Special Powers/Hero Powers, Japanese Manga, Shonen Jump, Shonen Sunday.<br/><br/>Anime quality is not top of the line but those who know Anime will certainly appreciate this type of &#39;drawing style&#39; along with the eerie music. It&#39;s harder edge for a more mature male audience. Shonen &quot;Sunday&quot; demographic.<br/><br/>It&#39;s well worth it and throw it on your Netflix Que or pick it up at your local video store. The Japanese spoken word with English subtitle is always the best way to go.<br/><br/>Special Security Force┬ůsign up! RGMitchell
All you really need to know is Angel Cop boasts decent action scenes, gratuitous violence and a hilarious English dub with such gems as &quot;If this is justice, then I&#39;m a banana!&quot; Starts with an anime Dirty Harry, throw in a cyberpunk element and psychic powers like so many anime of the time, and you have an admittedly interesting setup. Unfortunately, the plot is flimsy and silly, the protagonist is easy to hate and the villain masterminds are practically cardboard cutouts. The final fight with a nigh-invulnerable psychic is neat, but all importance is quickly diminished by our incredibly inept hero. I like the weapon concepts; Recoil so high it breaks your arm, or muzzle flash so bright it fries your retinas. Not surprisingly, there&#39;s excessive violence to go along with it. Anyway, watch it for the laughs.

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